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If you’re looking for a fully custom, eye-catching look for your commercial or personal vehicle or watercraft, then you’ve come to the right place. With our professional Florida vinyl wraps, Wraps 1 can help you transform your car, truck, boat or any vehicle into a rolling advertisement or personal work of art. We are one of the original car wrapping companies, and we helped revolutionize  vinyl wrap technology. We have literally been installing vinyl wraps on vehicles, boats, and aircraft, for thousands of individuals, businesses and organizations all across the United States for over 20 years. We currently primarily focus our vehicle and boat wrap services in Miami Florida, as it is our home. If you are located in another state, please feel free to contact us, as we do travel for many of our clients. Wraps 1 offers vehicle and boat wrap services throughout Florida, including Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Tampa, and the Florida Keys.  We have a location you can bring your vehicle into, otherwise we travel to you. This is especially necessary if you have a large dry docked marine vessel that needs to be wrapped.

The Wraps 1 team has the knowledge and experience to truly provide the very best vinyl wrap for your car, truck, boat or fleet of vehicles. You can trust in out techniques, materials, and procedures, knowing that your vehicle or boat will look better than ever before. We work with professional business owners, athletes, artists, yacht owners, and more, custom wrapping their cars, trucks, boats, and aircraft. Our techniques and attention to detail make our work stand apart….and we are friendly too:)!

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Why Choose Us For Your Custom Florida Vehicle Wrap?

The Vehicle Wraps 1 founders are those who created the technique behind the seamless vinyl car wrap design, which has revolutionized the way companies and individuals customize their cars. Our founders and dedicated team of designers have refined vehicle wraps into an art form. Whether it’s a custom wrap for one vehicle or an entire fleet, we don’t just show you a limited collection of colors from a catalog; our team will work with you directly and help you create the perfect design for your vehicle wrap. From food trucks and vans to boats, RVs and sedans, Vehicle Wraps 1 offers you a world-class selection of wrap materials, colors, textures and designs.  Completely transform your vehicle with custom graphics and designs. For much less than you might think, our skilled vinyl vehicle wrapping design and installation team in Miami and other Florida areas are here to help you transform any truck, car, ATV or motorcycle into a brand-new custom vehicle. With endless wrap options and artistic technique, we guarantee you will be happy with choosing us.

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You can opt for a simple, streamlined wrap or go as extraordinary and brightly colored as you want. Whether you need a wrap for your sports car that will turn heads as you drive the Miami streets and everywhere you go, a commercial vehicle wrap that turns your company truck into a mobile marketing tool,or a boat wrap for your  Fort Lauderdale fishing boat, Vehicle Wraps 1 will get it done!

The quality and expertise in our work shines through in the end product, your vehicle. Vehicle wraps are a cost effective way to customize any auto, boat, wall, or window. Although are main focus are vehicles wraps, we have wrapped several storefront windows and walls for large businesses in Florida and throughout the Unites States.

We encourage you to read read through the information on our website, check out the cars, boats, and other vehicle we’ve wrapped in Florida and throughout the United States, or call us for any questions you may have.

We do offer financing to our customers. If you are interested in financing your vehicle wrap, please call us or click the link below.

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