We Didn’t Wrap This Classic Cadillac, But We Made It Look Great

We normally showcase our car wraps in this blog (of course), but this time, we wanted to show off this candy apple 1964 Cadillac El Dorado, which is normally parked right outside of our Huntington Beach location. It’s become a bit of a local landmark, with people regularly pulling into our lot to take a photograph and even the sheriff of Huntington Beach has come by to take a few snaps with it. So, if we didn’t wrap it, why do we show it off?

Over the last few years, this Caddy has become a bit of a pet project for our auto customization crew. It gives them the opportunity to show off our expertise when it comes to making your vehicle into a personal statement. Of course, once they see this, they hopefully come inside to take a look at what we’re currently working on, like an E55 AMG in gloss gray or a camouflage jeep.

Take a look at this sweet ride in this video from the 15th Annual Elvis Festival in Costa Mesa.

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