Show Truck Vehicle Wrap Atlanta

Although our Wraps1 east coast location is based in Florida, we are able to provide our custom vehicle wraps all across the United States. When clients request our nationally recognized vinyl wrap services we can either provide service through our large connection of vendors or we can travel to them with our mobile wrap capabilities. Specifically for this situation, Tom Johnson called us for our service for his show truck vehicle wrap near Atlanta.

Custom Truck Wrap Design for a Custom Show TruckCustom Show Truck_Interior

In the process of building his show truck, which included a custom interior and a full vehicle wrap, he contacted us looking for the best wrap and design possible. Our team was proud, and we were excited to take part in his project. Instead of requesting him to travel to Florida for the installation, we gladly took the trip up to Atlanta to install the wrap. With his vision and design ideas our wrap design art department was able to create the perfect look he was seeking. For the wrap design, we even made sure to work in colors that matched the custom interior colors to the precise shades for superb balance between the interior and exterior of the truck.

Show Truck Wrap Installation

Show Truck Wrap InstallationThis custom truck wrap was designed to cover every surface of the exterior. In this case, like many full body car wraps, certain pieces of the truck’s body had to be removed. Our crew is more than experienced in body work to manage this task, but Tom put in an extra hand to help in the process. We dissembled the truck, which included the door handles, front grille, bumper covers, emblems, trim, and more. We even pulled the bed back and removed the custom light bar to make the wrap installation on the back and bed of the truck much less complicated. It also helped to reduce the chance of wrinkles or bubbles that would cost more time to complete the install.

Custom Vinyl Wrap Material

For his completely customized show truck, Tom Johnson chose the matte wrap material for the base, but he didn’t stop there. The design was based on his vision of a spider theme. The matte wrap base was laminated with riveted panels showing the spider theme beneath. Across the hood, the roof, the tail gate, and one side, including the fenders, the spider web design faded in and out from the riveted panels. On the remaining side doors the haunted clowns popped out from the surrounding riveted panels that extended from the side fenders and top half of the doors. After completing the wrap installation, our team, with the help of Tom, professionally reinstalled the body parts and pushed the bed back into place and the light bar back to its exact working position.

Custom Show Truck Wraps_Side ViewThis artfully unique show truck was more than ready for show; it went from a solid black Dodge Ram to a one of a kind piece of art. From a bird’s eye view and from any angle high or low, Tom Johnson was very happy and proud of his show truck. He was also grateful and highly satisfied with our custom truck wrap design and service.

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