Fireball Run Wraps Up


In a previous blog we mentioned Wraps1’s participation in the Fireball Run adventure-travel series. As of this weekend, the filming has officially come to an end! On October 3rd, the parade of cars had a police escort as they crossed the finish line in

If you didn’t have a chance to check out our prior blog, this group of teams traveled to 8 different states in 8 days, spreading the awareness of missing children while participating in competitions and racing to the finish line. The Fireball Run began in Hartford, Connecticut, visited Maryland and Florida as well as 4 other stops, and making the big finish at Florida’s Space Coast at Cocoa Beach and the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex.

Cars ranging fr20150925_175154om Suburbans to Ferraris drove across the finish line, each wrapped in logos and posters of missing children. The crowd was full of supporters from different states, cheering on the their favorite teams. Special guests like the Queen of Versai and the mayor of Sanford, FL also came to support the Fireball Run and everything that it stands for.20150926_131848

Wraps1 is happy to have had the opportunity to participate, once again, in the Fireball Run! Each Fireball Run raises awareness for missing children across the world. Check out the cars that we wrapped in our custom vinyl wraps for the race in 2016 when Fireball Run is aired online. The show will also be aired on Netflix to be viewed from the comfort of your home. For any questions about getting your car wrapped in a custom wrap, contact us today!


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