Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual campaign made to increase awareness of the disease. During this month the National Breast Cancer Foundation makes an effort to increase the ef

forts of men and women to make a plan in order to detect the disease during its early stages while also encouraging their friends and family to do the same. Throughout the month, there are 5K walk or runs, fundraisers and the color pink makes a huge appearance through ribbons and t-shirts.

Wraps1 joined in on promoting awareness for breast cancer by wrapping a few cars for Orlando Jaguar and Infiniti Of Orlando. The F Type Jaguar and an Infiniti Q 70 were wrapped for a part of the Orlando premier collection sporting a light shade of pink and an arrangement of breast cancer ribbons on both of the white car exteriors. The black rims and tinted windows created the perfect offset from the rest of the wraps, reminding everyone that these are luxury cars sporting the breast cancer awareness ribbon.

The great part of wrapping a vehicle, is that every design that we create only adds to the sleek construction of the car. Whether it be a temporary wrap supporting Breast Cancer Awareness month, or if it’s a permanent wrap that will be sporting your business logo and phone number, Wraps1 is sure to create a sleek and effective wrap for your car. Each wrap strikes a conversation.

If you’re ready to get your car wrapped, contact Wraps1 today! We will work together with you to create the perfect wrap for your vehicle!



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