Porsche Targa GTS Wrapped In A Duaiv Masterpiece

Duaiv is a renowned painter. At the age of 3 he began painting and today his artwork has been shown around the world; France, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Tunisia, Australia and the United States. Duaiv is known for his impressionistic style and use of bright colors to depict naturalistic boating, marketplaces, landscapes and cathedrals.  Aside from this artist talent, Duaiv is a musician. In 2013 his immigration was sponsored by the famous cellist Yo-Yo Ma, and he has been residing here since.

So what is it that ties this incredibly artistic man to Wraps1? His art, of course.  Duaiv has worked with Wraps1 six times, converting his pieces of arts into wraps and then covering exotic, and luxurious cars in his masterpiece. Duaiv recently just wrapped a Porsche in one of his bright pieces of artwork with the help of Wraps1, but as we mentioned, this wasn’t his first wrap.

Duaiv’s artwork brought the challenge of creating a custom wrap while still maintaining the unique and artistic brush, and oil, textures. Fitting seamlessly, our vinyl wraps were able to transform these already unique and exotic cars into an even better piece of work. Here are the cars that we’ve been able to create perfect, and unique wraps for Duaiv with.

Porsche Targa GTS


Ferrari 458 Spider


Ferrari FF

ferrari ff

Lamborghini Adventador Roadster



Aside from these cars, Duaiv has also wrapped a Ducati and a BMW motorcycle with us. Now, this isn’t possible without the creative touch of the artist himself, but a great deal of thanks is due to the dealerships and individuals that helped us pull apart, and reconstruct these intricate cars. A special thanks to Champion Porsche and Champion Motorsports for their help in our most recent wrap of the Porsche Targa GTS. In order for each vinyl wrap to fit as seamlessly as these do, it’s an absolute must that our team of professionals can get to and fit each and every curve of the car.

If you’re interested on how you can wrap your vehicle in a custom design like the ones above, contact Wraps1! We’re the best in the business when it comes to making your vision a reality. For more information on Duaiv or to see more pieces of his beautiful work, visit his webpage.

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