A Matte Wrap For Your Car

Matte wraps are quickly becoming the vinyl wrap of choice for luxury vehicles across the nation. Why is it that this trend is picking up? Well, the matted wrap provides a look of stealth and draws attention to your exotic vehicle. While shiny glossed cars were once the rave, the city lights reflect your surroundings, taking away from the beautiful exterior of your car. When you wrap your luxury vehicle in a matte vinyl wrap, you allow for your car to stand out against the rest of the road. Now, most matte wraps have been found to be popular in three colors: black, white green and silver.

The black matte look has been found to provide the same outstanding and high class look that individuals with luxury cars seek. This matte look offers this luxury feel and look without making it seem over the top or ludicrous; it keeps a low profile while still catching eyes.

The pearly white matte look offers something sleek, but high class as well. This has been found to be a more fitting matte look for sports cars or cars with a bold edge body. The bold white contrasts with the surroundings in a way different than the black matte, this white pops against the dark roads, dark skies, and the hussle of the city.

The other popular matte color is an army green. This color is an unusual choice as a favorite, but has been found to be an eye catching color in comparison to the reds, yellows, and blacks that most sport and luxury vehicles are. When looking for a unique color to wrap your car in, a green matte would surely do the job!

Last but not least, silver. This common color in glossy paint extracts from the luxury factor because of how common it is. In matte, silver offers a classic look of grace and luxury. This silver matte look provides a look similar to chrome or steel, making your car seem indestructible and of incredibly high quality.

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