Transforming Your Vehicle With A Wrap

Buying a car is a difficult process, and then when you finally find a model that you like they ask you about the upgrades and additions. Between the leather seats, window tinting and stereo, it’s as if the exterior color is nothing but a second thought. So what happens when you find the car of your dreams, add everything you need, and then realize that you hate the color? Wraps1 has worked for years creating the cars that people dreamed of. Whether it be a company logo, a masterpiece of artwork, or a basic color change, we can help you complete the process.

For cars where the owner simply wants to do a color change, we work with you to find the perfect shade and color, that way you can be sure that this color choice is the right one. Once we’ve picked one, we carefully layer the wrap over your car’s current coat. As with most wraps, it’s important that the paint on your car is in good condition or isn’t freshly painted on. Both of these situations will make it incredibly difficult for the wrap to stick, making the exterior of your car no better than before.

When you leave your car with us, we’ll fit the vinyl wrap to your car so that it has a seamless look that makes it look as though it’s been that color the whole time! Our team of professionals has placed, and removed, hundreds of wraps. You can trust us to provide you with the one of a kind look for your car that really speaks to your style. Contact our office in Huntington Beach to get started on your car’s color change!

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