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Boat Wrap Benefits –

Are you familiar with the benefits wrapping your boat offers?

Wrapping your boat with vinyl proves to be a cost effective solution, as well as offer paint protection, hull protection, and the ability to wrap the interior of the boat.  Not many people realize it, but vinyl films come in a crazy array of colors and textures. These films even can be applied to look like wood. From maple to cherry, mahogany, oak or burlwood, there are many options to choose from. These wood grain films offer a more affordable solution to redoing interior cabinets, or even creating accents on the exterior of the boat.

Vinyl films have developed and become a lot more durable. Some of the leading companies that manufacture them, such as 3M and Avery, have put a lot of research and resources into developing their quality and life span. This allows vinyl films to be used on surfaces that at another time you may not have believed would benefit from the vinyl application or been an ideal canidate, such as a boat wrap.

Vehicle Wraps 1 is a leader in the vinyl film and installation industry. We have watched and experienced the industry transform, as well as have been part of the development and evolution of vinyl films.

Florida, the Sunshine Sate and the boating capital of the world, is home to thousands,if not millions of boats.  If you are a boat owner, whether it be a fishing boat, speed boat, jet ski, yacht, or other type of marine vessel, we believe that you should explore wrapping your boat versus painting it.

We are experts when it comes to wrapping Florida boats, how long the wrap will last, what we recommend as far as films, and how to make sure you boat wrap lasts it’s full life span.  Give us a call and let’s discuss your boat. Maybe you want to full color change, maybe you want a little wood grain, or maybe you want some crazy marine graphics created. Allow us to work with you.


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