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What is a vehicle wrap?

A vehicle wrap covers some or all of the surface of your car with vinyl similar to that used in car decals. Vinyl wraps can be done in solid colors, essentially acting as a replacement for the paint job on your car or they can feature full-color digitally-printed designs created on large-capacity printers.

At Wraps1, we use 3M™ car wrap materials, which are formulated with a removable adhesive that doesn’t damage your car’s paint. Many people look to wraps as an alternative to paint jobs because it can assist in keeping your vehicle’s resale value due to the protection offered by the vinyl, especially from elements such as sun damage and road debris.

How long does a vinyl wrap last?

It depends on climate, outdoor exposure and other factors. Talk to Wraps1 about your vehicle and how you can best extend the life of your vinyl wrap through hand washing, proper storage and more.

What are the preferred wrap for vehicles?

Full wraps are suggested over partial wraps due to exposed areas becoming worn by weather. Full wraps help to protect the car’s paint from fading and scratching.

How do you clean a wrapped vehicle?

To increase the lifespan of your car wrap, you should have your vehicle hand washed. Using high pressure washers can decrease the life expectancy of your wrap. Also, we suggest you use a mild dish soap and a few other detail products we found have worked. Please contact your sales representative for more details.

Will vinyl material damage the paint on my car?

Our wraps are guaranteed from the manufacturer to protect newer vehicles that are 5 years old or newer and they must have OEM paint. If your vehicle has been repainted then there is no guarantee that the paint will be perfect when you remove the vinyl wrap. All aftermarket products including clear bras, new paint, striping, etc is not covered under any manufacturer warranty. We will try our best to make sure your paint is perfect when removing the wrap but there is no guarantee if your vehicle includes any aftermarket products. If paint is removed from a vehicle that has OEM paint and is 57 years old or newer then we will submit all issues to our manufacturer for them to cover. This process could take anywhere from 3-6 weeks for us to get the refund and fix your vehicle. See below for a few more tips and tricks of the trade we follow:

  • For promotional vehicles, we recommend using less aggressive wrap vinyls that have more air-egress and slide ability properties that have been shown to be less damaging to the base-paint.
  • A less prepped or short-term wrap (i.e. one installed without using adhesive promoters) is usually easier to remove without base-paint damage.
  • We strongly believe that you should allow your printed vinyl to cure for at least 24 to 48 hours before laminating. It is possible for uncured ink to migrate through the adhesive into the base paint underneath potentially causing damage.

Note: there is no guarantee that a vinyl wrap will not remove any paint from your vehicle, but taking these simple steps can minimize the risk of potential damage.

What vinyl material does Wraps1 use to cover a vehicle?

The product used depends on the needs of the vehicle and the preference of the client. The brands that we commonly use include 3M™, Avery™, Hexis™ and Oracal™.

Where are you located?

Vehicle Wraps 1 offers installation in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Orlando, the Florida Keys, and many other areas of Florida. We do offer wrap installation in other areas of the United States and can come to your location. For smaller businesses, we are able to install wraps in a garage or portable tent. We also offer installation in our brick-and-mortar locations in Florida, and across the United States.

Can a vehicle wrap be removed?

Yes; we can remove any installed vinyl wraps for you.

Are Vehicle Wraps 1 designers experienced?

Yes, our in-house wrap designers are experienced and certified in visual communications and graphic design. For many years, our graphic vinyl artists have offered clients innovative mobile advertising solutions.

Can Vehicle Wraps 1 design our vehicle wrap?

Yes, Wraps1 works with you to create designs that range from simple, solid colors to very detailed designs.

What is the process for designing a vehicle wrap?

First, you’ll be given a set of questions from your sales representative to determine the path of your design. Those questions will then be submitted to your designer, giving them the elements needed to create your first ‘Mock-Up’ – Your Mock-Designs will be provided via email and once all of your alterations are complete and you have approved the design, the concept will go to paneling and then be submitted to the print queue.

How are wrap designs created?

Our designers use numerous software programs — including Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop — to create a design that will fit the contours of your vehicle. In addition, we have an image bank of over 9 million large format HD photographs to reach your audience.

Do you offer financing options?

Yes, contact us for more information. 305-916-3410

What percentage of the vehicle can you cover?

The percentage of the vehicle covered is entirely up to the customer. Common sizes include 1/2, 3/4, and full wrap coverage.

Can you install wraps over windows?

Yes, you can install wraps over certain windows—such as rear and side windows. The perforated vinyl material allows visibility when driving.