Absolute Navetta Boat Wrap

We are in love with this Navetta we recently wrapped. The vinyl wrapcolor choice by the yacht owner is beautiful and displays this 58 foot Absoulte Navetta with class and style. We’ve done wrapped it all – car, trucks, floors, walls,... read more »

Boat Wraps

Boat Wrap Benefits – Are you familiar with the benefits wrapping your boat offers? Wrapping your boat with vinyl proves to be a cost effective solution, as well as offer paint protection, hull protection, and the ability to wrap the interior... read more »

Transforming Your Vehicle With A Wrap

Buying a car is a difficult process, and then when you finally find a model that you like they ask you about the upgrades and additions. Between the leather seats, window tinting and stereo, it’s as if the exterior color is... read more »

A Matte Wrap For Your Car

Matte wraps are quickly becoming the vinyl wrap of choice for luxury vehicles across the nation. Why is it that this trend is picking up? Well, the matted wrap provides a look of stealth and draws attention to your exotic vehicle.... read more »

Porsche Targa GTS Wrapped In A Duaiv Masterpiece

Duaiv is a renowned painter. At the age of 3 he began painting and today his artwork has been shown around the world; France, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Tunisia, Australia and the United States. Duaiv is known for his impressionistic style and... read more »

Prepping Your Car To Be Wrapped

Wrapping your car is a tedious process, but the value that a wrapped vehicle can hold for a business, or even for personal choices is unsurpassable. Wraps1 has a team of hardworking professionals that have worked on a wide selection of... read more »

What Wrapping Your Company Vehicle Does For Business

Marketing is expensive, but it’s necessary. These days, you pay thousands if not millions of dollars to advertise on radio and television, and hundreds to thousands on print advertisements. Unfortunately, your audience has the ability to change the channel, turn the... read more »

SEMA Show 2015

Every year, masterminds of the automotive industry meet together at the SEMA show to premiere the one-of-a-kind, top of the line, products for cars. Wraps1 is lucky enough to be featured at this impressive and exciting seminar. Taking place in Las... read more »

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual campaign made to increase awareness of the disease. During this month the National Breast Cancer Foundation makes an effort to increase the ef forts of men and women to make a plan in... read more »

Fireball Run Wraps Up

In a previous blog we mentioned Wraps1’s participation in the Fireball Run adventure-travel series. As of this weekend, the filming has officially come to an end! On October 3rd, the parade of cars had a police escort as they crossed the... read more »