Wraps1 Featuring Your Food Truck

When people walk up to your food truck they have no idea what’s on the menu unless they’ve purchased from you before. Great food can keep your customers returning, and word of mouth can help get friends of customers to you, but... read more »

2015 Fireball Run Space Race

Wraps1 is excited to announce another year of joining forces and sponsorship with the Fireball Run. The 2015,. 9th season of Fireball Run is themed Space Race, featuring four astronauts from four nations versus the 40 multinational driving teams. Starting in... read more »

Why You Should Wrap Your Boat

Maintenance on a boat can be extremely expensive. With repairs usually costing a couple hundred dollars and the Miami sun fading paint, it’s great to save money where you can. Wraps1 offers a new alternative to maintaining the outside of your... read more »

Customizable Cars

In previous blogs we have talked about the different vehicles that Wraps1 can wrap for you and some of the added benefits that wrapping your vehicle will have. One of the benefits we haven’t drawn a ton of attention to is the... read more »

Wrap1 For Your Business

Advertising can be pricey, but getting your Dallas company name out there is a necessity. Wraps1 is the most cost effective way to get your company’s name out into the world. Today, when it comes to advertising, people can skip through... read more »

Benefits of Vehicle Wraps

We know that you put a lot of time and effort into caring for your vehicle and keeping it in the best shape it could possibly be. Why not add another layer of protection, as well as a little bit of... read more »

California Luxury Vehicle Wraps For Tyga

Lamborghini Car Wrap
Luxury vehicles like the Rolls Royce Wraith and the Lamborghini Aventador supercar are extraordinary machines that combine visceral power, extreme horsepower, and an incredibly luxurious driving experience. Is there any better feeling than smashing the pedal of a Lambo on a... read more »