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Box Truck Wraps

How unique are your company’s box trucks? Do they have more than just a company logo and phone number? Whether you have a large fleet or just one or two box trucks for your business, it is important that each one fully represents your company from all sides and from the front to the back. Wraps1 is your number one source for professional box truck graphics and wraps. We will take your company logo, information and design and brand each of your box trucks with a high-quality vinyl vehicle wrap that will catch the eyes of thousands of consumers every day.

Box Truck Wraps That Stand Out From the Crowd

Vibrant colors, bold designs and graphics as well precise attention to detail are the core reasons our vinyl box truck wraps make a lasting impression. A well-crafted, professional box truck wrap design is how your commercial vehicle will stand out from the crowd and make it even easier for potential customers to discover you and begin to recognize your company

Commercial Box Truck Wrap Design for the Entire Fleet

Along with our individual box truck wraps, Wraps1 is your source to complete your entire fleet of box trucks; no matter if your have ten, twenty or more, we have a staff of professionals that can wrap your whole fleet of trucks quickly, efficiently and for an affordable rate. With our national network of vehicle wrap installers across the county, we can also assist you with completing the installation of your fleet vehicles in every regional location so your company can stand out and continue growth everywhere.

Promote Your Company with Box Truck Wrap Advertising

A vinyl box truck wrap is an eye-catching, affordable means of making certain your brand and company message is viewed, anywhere and everywhere you go. No matter if it’s in or out of your local business area while out during a shipment, while on the go responding to a service request or parked in front of your home or office, Wraps1 is your partner for promoting your business at every possible location your vehicles go. Our professional vinyl wrap design team can develop a custom box truck wrap design to fit perfectly around each of your commercial vehicles.

For a custom vinyl wrap design that will turn your box trucks into eye-catching mobile advertisements, Contact Wraps1 today! We proudly offer our car advertising and wrapping services to major cities across the US, including Dallas, Miami, and Huntington Beach.