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Food Truck Wraps

Commercial vinyl wraps for food trucks are the most effective way to market your mobile food business. At Wraps1, we offer quality 3m adhesive for food trucks wraps for both individually owned single vehicles to growing companies with a large fleet of food trucks. Food trucks serve customers all around town while delivering food and thus a very effective and efficient form of advertising for your food business. At Wraps1, we help our clients create attractive food truck wraps, which is the key to standing out from the competition. We achieve this for food trucks by choosing bright, attractive colors and designs that can easily be noticed and recognized from a far distance and even when quickly passing by. Our vinyl wrapping is done by some of the best truck wrap designers and installers in the business; when the Wraps1 team is designing your custom food truck wrap, they make sure that not one design detail, menu item or description is left out. Every piece of essential information about your food truck business and design we create with you will be completed exactly as you request.

We will design the wrap for your food truck in such a way that it features the name, contact details, phone number, your social media sites, email address, and the website. The images and photos you want included on your custom food truck wrap design will be artfully placed as it is created so they are enticing and feature your popular menu items to attract new customers all over town. By placing the photos of your appealing foods on the truck, which is your core asset that prepares and delivers your famous cuisine, you captivate new customers to try, buy and fall in love with your delicious dishes, thus generating more business and bigger profits.

Because there is always enough space on food trucks, we often find it easy to design exquisite wraps for food trucks. We have the advantage of using one side of the truck to showcase your menu and the images of the delectable foods you serve. We can use the other side to feature attractive images that will serve to draw your audience to your truck and keep them coming back for more!

The impression that your food truck makes on your potential customers the first time they see it is often very important. Even If you make the most delicious foods in the city, but your food truck does not reflect fully reflect that, it is likely you won’t get the audience that your cuisine deserves. Wraps1 will help you design your food truck in a way that more and more customers will want to taste your food. This is something that will help you have an advantage over your competitors because of the many customers that your food truck wraps will attract.

The Wraps1 food truck graphics are custom created for your vehicle by our team of professional designers and installers. At Wraps1, we do not do use cookie-cutter designs or standardized food truck templates. From top to bottom, front to back and side to side, we do our work by carefully measuring every aspect of your vehicle and make sure that your food truck wrap fits 100% perfectly, without one design flaw, bubble or crease. Even if you’re concerned with time and money, don’t be. A Wraps1 food truck wrap cost is generally lower than custom painting and can be repaired and duplicated more easily and affordably over any paint job. If you have multiple food trucks, we can duplicate your vinyl wraps, so that each of your food trucks match and your customers will know they’re getting the real deal without ever a doubt.

Wraps1 specializes in vinyl graphics for vehicles of all types and we’ve installed different food truck wraps across the US, including in major cities such as Dallas, Miami, and Huntington Beach. Contact us today and let’s talk about designing an enticing new wrap that grow your food truck business.

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