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Semi Truck and Trailer Wraps

A custom semi-truck wrap for your truck or trailer’s blank canvas is limited only by your imagination. We are capable of giving your truck or trailer a new look with wrap that can cover your entire rig. You can also choose from a solid color or go big with a full-body graphic created by our team of acclaimed designers.

Apart from vinyl truck wraps serving as an advertising medium on your semi-trucks and trailers, they can also help protect the original paint and finish of the truck. At Wraps1, we can provide you with semi-truck and trailer wraps that will not only add a custom look that best represents your company, but will help maintain the resale value of your big rigs by protecting the truck’s entire exterior.

Professionally Designed Semi-Truck Wraps

In any business’s distribution system the semi-trucks and trailers are very important; they are the main source for delivering goods throughout the entire country. These 18-wheeler big rigs ply the roads everyday when delivering goods to their destination and thus we can help you use them to double your duty for you at an affordable rate. With truck graphics from Wraps1, we can help you turn your delivery semi-trucks and trailers to be an effective marketing tool for your business. Remember that the fact that the semi-trucks and trailers are on the roads every day for long periods of time; therefore, more and more people will see your artfully designed advertisement providing your business continuous advertising that costs next to nothing when compared to any television or radio ad. At Wraps1 we are well recognized for offering only the highest quality vehicle wraps for trucks and trailers. When your professionally wrapped truck travels day in and day out for extended periods of time, your business name, logo and product image will become well-known and better recognized in a way that is attractive, eye-catching and very memorable.

Trailer & Semi-Truck Wrap Cost & Benefits

Most people think that a complete trailer vinyl wrap is time consuming and a large business expense; but that is not true with Wraps1, because the average trailer vinyl wrap cost is even much lower than repainting the trailer. Wraps even offer an extra layer of durable protection that reduces repairs from chips or cracks in the paint finish. Let Wraps1 design, create and install a quality truck and trailer vinyl wrap that will add durability while continually building brand recognition and providing non-stop advertising for your company.

We proudly offer our vinyl wrapping services to major cities across the United States, including Dallas, Miami, and Huntington Beach. Contact us for a quote today.

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