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Truck Wrap Advertising

Do your employee work trucks fully represent your company’s brand and image? Do you have a fleet of pickup trucks that need to be updated to match your business’ products or services? With professional vehicle wrapping from Vehicle Wraps 1, you can transform your commercial truck or trucks into mobile advertising machines. We can take your company logo and information and create a custom truck wrap. We offer partial wraps and full wraps that covers the entire vehicle, with unique designs catered specifically to your business.

Benefits of Truck Body Wraps for Businesses

Vinyl wraps for your business’s pickup trucks offer a massive time savings over a traditional paint job. Even if you want a highly customized look for your business’s truck wrap advertising, the relative amount of downtime it entails is minimal compared to completely repainting the vehicle. It’s also much less expensive. The benefits of truck wraps continue day after day with the on-going car advertising; studies have even shown that wrapped vehicles can be seen by up 7,000 individuals per day or more in some locations. With a Wraps1 commercial truck wrap, you can turn your company vehicles into a mobile billboard providing continuous business advertising.

Custom Commercial Truck Wrap Designs

When it comes to vehicle graphics and truck wrap advertising, commercial fleet pickups offer a unique opportunity to better represent a company while out on the road providing services or delivering products. From local service providers to maintenance, transportation, and delivery companies, utility trucks are a large part of the day-to-day business operations, which opens a great opportunity for advertising. Wraps1 can help your company by wrapping your commercial vehicles so you can take advantage of advertising while they are out on the road. Whether you have one vehicle or a large fleet, our professional staff can design and install a custom commercial truck wrap to fit any make or model.

How Much Does A Truck Wrap Cost?

The vinyl truck wraps from Wraps1 are made of high quality, long-lasting materials that are professionally installed. When compared to custom paint jobs, wraps are inexpensive; they also provide an additional layer of protection for your commercial trucks, which reduce costs for future body painting and repair. With the affordable, one-time design and install truck wrap cost, and long-term benefits of mobile advertising, commercial truck wraps are a worth-while business investment that will add value and recognition for your company’s brand and image for years to come. We proudly offer our professional vehicle wrapping services to major cities in the United States, including Dallas, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Orlando.

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