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Vehicle Wraps Colorado Springs, CO

Where Can I Find Durable Car Wraps in Colorado Springs?

Are you looking for completely customizable vinyl wraps in Colorado Springs for your car, truck, boat or fleet of… or just about anything else?

Wraps1 has been in business for over 20 years. With a team of professionals at your disposal, we’re ready to answer your questions, share our experience and expertise, and provide you with stunningly high quality vinyl wraps.

If you’d like to speak to a member of our staff immediately, please get in touch with us at 719-301-5001.

Otherwise, read on to learn more about why vinyl wrap technology is one of the most versatile ways to customize just about any surface you can think of, including your commercial or personal vehicles, boats, travel trailers, interior walls, floors, and windows, and so much more.

Car Wraps: Versatile, Durable, and For Anything You Can Think Of

Car wraps are a custom-made vinyl material that seamlessly wraps over the exterior, or interior of your vehicle. They’re long-lasting and can have just about any appearance you may desire, from a solid color to a full graphical print.

Thanks to their long lifespan, vinyl wraps don’t have to be temporary, although they can be easily removed and won’t damage the paint on a vehicle, as long as they are installed and removed properly. On average, a vinyl wrap—even when exposed to the occasionally “heavy duty” outdoor weather conditions in Colorado—lasts within three to five years depending on how often the vehicle is taken out and how extreme the weather conditions are. Vinyl wraps kept indoors (for example, on a display vehicle or as part of an interior vinyl wrap) will last five to eight years before signs of wear and tear set in.


Car graphic wraps can be designed for some or all of your vehicle. Full vehicle wraps completely alter the exterior of the vehicle, while partial car wraps can modify only a certain area, like the doors, siding, or hood. The graphics can be anything you’d like. You’ll be impressed at the high quality vinyl offers in terms of graphical clarity. Or, if you’d like a solid color, you’ll be surprised at how vibrant the colors are and how long they last without any signs of fading.

Used for both personal and commercial purposes, Wraps1 can provide car wraps for a single vehicle or your entire fleet. We’ve worked with vehicle hobbyists who wanted to outfit their car or truck for a show as well as many businesses who wanted to enjoy the advertising and professional benefits of vehicle display advertising, which we’ll explore next.

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The Best Vehicle Wraps In Colorado Springs

Why Vehicle Wraps Are Highly Effective Advertising

Businesses within nearly all industries have turned to car and truck wraps for their highly effective advertising opportunities.

It’s true that branding your company vehicles presents a more professional appearance when meeting with customers, but vinyl wraps really shine as a lead generating asset when your team is out on the road—they’re like mobile billboards.

In major metropolitan areas, the average commercial vinyl wrap will be viewed by nearly 10 million potential customers per year. Considering the very affordable one-time price of our vinyl wraps, one could argue that they’re one of the most cost effective ways to advertise your business to countless viewers.

Who doesn’t want to generate new business while waiting at a stoplight?

Vinyl Wraps Aren’t Just for Cars

Most people know that vinyl wraps are a great way to customize a car or truck. But did you know that these products are so versatile that they can be shaped to fit over just about anything?

Common applications for vinyl wraps in Colorado Springs include:

  • Boats and other watercraft. Since vinyl can be exposed to water and even submerged without significantly impacting its lifespan, both commercial and personal boaters have looked to these products for an affordable and reliable way to brand their watercraft. Since boat vinyl wraps can be made in nearly any size, Wraps1 can provide you with a wrap to customize anything from a skipper to a yacht. (Yes, really, a yacht!).
  • Travel trailers and recreational vehicles. Whether you want to express yourself while you see the country or brand a fleet of tour vehicles, vinyl wraps can be made large enough for both partial and full covering of your travel trailer, RV, or shuttle bus.
  • Moving trucks & transport vehicles. No matter what you’re transporting, a vinyl wrap can be made to fit your vehicle and advertise your business.
  • Interiors. This is the one that tends to surprise our clients the most. Did you know that you can have a fully graphical, totally customized interior vinyl wrap? Wall vinyl wraps are a very popular way to brand the interior of an office or retail space. As we mentioned before, vinyl wraps kept inside can last for up to eight years.
  • Windows. Vinyl wraps for windows are an excellent way to brand your business location with exterior visibility. Often used to promote special events, sales, or seasonal bargains, reusable window vinyl wraps are excellent investments and advertising tools.

While these are some of the most common uses for vinyl wraps, the truly impressive thing about this increasingly popular technology is that vinyl wraps can be made to fit over just about anything—sometimes our clients surprise us with their requests!

What do you want to wrap today?

Our Colorado Springs Wrap Team Makes it Easy

Our team is made up of professionals who truly love what they do. For lack of a better phrase, everyone at Wraps1 thinks vinyl wraps are just about the coolest thing ever. We’d love to share our passion with you, whether you’re working on a personal project or looking for a cost effective way to brand your commercial vehicles.


We can help with the entire process from start to finish, including design, the creation of the vinyl wrap itself, and full installation services to get your car wrap on the road before you know it.

If you’d like to learn more about car wraps in Colorado Springs, please contact us today at 719-301-5001 or send us an email so that one of our trained staff can answer your questions.



Vehicle Wraps 1’s Colordo Springs location provides car vinyl wraps all throughout Colorado Springs. We can also travel outside of the Springs area to you.

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