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Pickup Truck Wraps

Like many pickup truck owners, your truck is your baby; you may have even given it a unique name. So why not go the extra step to give it a distinct new look to match. With Wraps1, we can give your “baby” a completely customized design with a vinyl truck wrap. Whether it’s brand-new or you’re driving around the family truck that been passed down multiple generations, our pickup truck wraps can be made to fit any make or model.

Personalized Pickup Truck Body Wraps

For many years, the Wrap1 team has been helping truck owners redesign their pickups with high quality vinyl wrap materials. We’ve assisted hunters, fisherman, and many other truck owners turn their pickups into an extension of their personality and lifestyle with unique, custom vinyl truck wraps that set their truck apart from all the others on the road. From camo truck wraps that allow your vehicle to truly blend in on hunting trips to carbon fiber wraps that add texture along with character and custom truck wrap designs that tie you and your truck’s personality together, Wraps1 can create the perfect vinyl truck wrap for your pickup.

Advantages of Vinyl Truck Wraps

With a Wraps1 vinyl pickup truck wrap, you’ll be getting more than a great new custom look for your truck; the vinyl wrap will add an extra cover that protects your investment. The vinyl is a durable outer layer that prevents surface damages like chips and scratches from rocks, weather and loading/unloading and will keep the paint underneath in pristine condition. Quite often customers bring their vehicles to us straight from the dealership due to the protection that a vinyl car wraps can provide their brand-new vehicle.

Custom Pickup Truck Wraps for Every Model

From Ford to Dodge to Chevy, GMC and every truck manufacturer, we can create a custom-fit pickup truck wrap that is made for your exact make, model and year. At Wraps1, our wrap installation team can guarantee your vehicle wrap is flawless; from top to bottom and all around it will be sleek and smooth, without out a bubble or wrinkle. Your custom wrap install will be quick too, so you can get back on the road and show off your one-of-a-kind custom pickup truck!

Wrapping your personal vehicle is cost-effective with its many advantages and will give your ride the custom look that will create a statement everywhere you go. Contact Wraps1 today to get started on your custom pickup truck wrap! We proudly offer our vehicle wrapping services to several major cities in the United States, including Miami, Dallas, and Huntington Beach.

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